The Ultimate guide for Instagram stories ideas for business account and tips is a helpful tip for all Instagram users either they can be a public figure or one who has 1000’s of followers. These story ideas will definitely help your Instagram engagement and followers for sure. The Instagram story has many inbuilt features and tools in it to make it more interesting neither installing a new add-on.

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1. Add location to your Instagram stories:

This is very interesting features in Instagram stories – whenever you feel there is no inspiration and out of mind to think something good to post your stories but still, you want a good engagement – this is the basic and best to get more Instagram flowers. It is very way to show your audience where you are and “tap” it for a better color combination with light and dark background and font, choose the one which suits the image. I will always prefer to go to with light background and a white font Instagram location feature.

2.  Adding Mentions & Hashtags to Instagram stories:

This feature is poking someone inside your Instagram stories, In case you have a funny picture of your friend and you want to poke him – just mention his name in @mentions (his / her Instagram page will be tagged) with the stories and tag some trending hashtags to it, to make more fun. The same way the tap on the feature either  Mentions or Hashtags to change the background color and font color to dark and light.

3. Adding Poll @ Instagram stories:

This feature helps to get yes or no answer! or as the text you prefer. This refers either this or that, for an instance – you are a public figure and you have 1000’s of followers at Instagram and you asking their opinion to come live on Instagram on a range of time. It will surely help in other needs to choose the best one from two from the public poll.

4. Scroll to ask a question to your Instagram stories:

There is a progress scroll to answer a question the question can be altered and emojis can be also altered. For an instance, you want to get the answer and behavior for your live as how many people love and to know the strength. The user can simply swipe the emoji to mention their view (this is like a scale of 10 rule) if you push to the extreme you have likes mostly and to the bottom, you have not liked it and at the end, you will the average answers the question.

5. GIF to Instagram stories:

GIF feature will make you your stories more interesting. It is easy to add gif images – search it – click it – drag and place it. The GIF will be added to your story, there are millions of gif’s available on Instagram GIF drive do a better search to get a better GIF to place it in your story. You can add too many GIF but make sure that it should spoil your entire story takeouts. Too many you place it will be confusing either it satisfies the creativity.

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these 5 extraordinary feature described above will make your Instagram story a wow feel and impress your audience and in below i will share how to make you a base to use these extraordinary features.

1. Adding Filters to Instagram stories:

Add a filter to your stories – just swipe left to right or right to left to get filter activated and change the color mood of the entire picture. Here i have created one with a filter (comparison with original picture and filter picture)



2. Hidden picture (Full-screen color + eraser feature):

This is very simple yet effective story creation placing your picture draw up and fill with color to the whole screen and then erase a certain part with eraser tool  – it looks up like this. This will make the user keen to see your image inside your profile. This story motivate the audience to jump into your profile and see what is the image all about.

Hidden picture (Full screen color + eraser feature ):


3. Adding weather icon to Instagram stories:

Adding weather icon to the Instagram story make you show to your audience – the weather condition. This makes them know your presentation weather condition and you are enjoying it.

Adding weather icon to Instagram stories:



4. Adding Selfie to Instagram stories:

Within a story image, you can add a selfie image, that is the small portion of the round can be added to the story with your present selfie image. This makes your audience a great feel and confused mind to see how you are able to add this to you the image.

Adding Selfie to Instagram stories


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5. Adding Emoji to Instagram stories:

Adding Emoji to Instagram story creates your story as most highlighted one. The emoji will be alike addon to your stories and expression can be defined with emoji and the image in the story. Choose from 100’s of Emoji and you can choose to form your keyword emoji’s as well. This will make your entire story with more highlighted and native with a storyline.

Adding Emoji to Instagram stories


6.Using native features (tap for more) of featured icons:

There is a hands free drawing feature available on the Instagram story – choose it as a third option form the left and make your hands free drawing, highlighting a part or drawing arrows to stop something. This can be also autograph with a message in it as it is a hands-free drawing you can write, draw, sign, spot inside your story.

Drawing on Instagram Story


7. Using native features (tap for more) of featured icons:

There are lots of predefined featured icons available as a default click on default icon and tap for more – the featured icon will be native to your Instagram story and by continuously adding and tap for more will make your featured icon to a native one.


8. Adding King, Queen and Crown icons to Instagram stories:

This icon especially works for birthday days or any thug life actions. Add a crown to the head, king and queen to make them as celebrities.

Adding King, Queen and Crown icons to Instagram stories


9. Adding Hats to Instagram stories:

From the collection swap from right to left (third portion) of the collection – where you can see an exclusive collection of hats and other emoji can be used for your stories. This is special emoji and these things make your Instagram stories a more highlight one and this site will be updated frequently and make your follower as more surprised one.

Adding Hats to Instagram stories


10. Type it to Instagram stories:

Express your feeling and emotions through a text conversation and you can type it as a text and you can give background color which differentiates your stories with more takeouts. The text has different fonts and color choices for your convenience.



These 15 Instagram stories features, tips and trick will make your Audience more motivating and encourage to gain visibility and Engagement for you.  The better ideas of using the Instagram story features come only by continuous practicing and it is based on individual ideas on how to present it to the Followers.

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Innovative Drawing or an uploading a Designed image is based on your Followers interest. Go for it where followers like the most either designed part or an innovative drawing part.


Instagram Stories > Help Center 

You can download the Stories by clicking the down arrow the button(right top corner) and you can save them a video or a GIF  format – you if GIF animation in it it would prefer to save it as GIF or video format. Once you have the source you can upload it to WhatsApp Status and Facebook Stories with designed status.


Instagram Stories tips and tricks – Instagram story with GIF on it


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