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Download Instagram for Desktop PC, Install is a Social Networking Platform to share your moments with your friends, fans, and followers. It made easier By using the only smartphone instead Website, Though Smartphone usage is getting trend day by day with all new brands with much smarter and it is hands on. Instagram Strategy is to share on the go, so the website will not be helpful with App Instead for Smartphones [Get Instagram for Android , Get Instagram for Ios]  and finally, Instagram for Desktop also emerged where it crosses more than a million users. Rightly now it has 50% of  Facebook Audience.

Download Instagram for Desktop PC

Download Instagram for Desktop PC
Download Instagram for Desktop PC

Having Instagram in your Smart phone is good on other hand having Instagram for Desktop is an efficient one to never miss any updated form your friends. If you are interested to get Instagram for Desktop here it follows to get Instagram for Desktop with various steps.

To have Instagram for Desktop needs third-party application to be installed or Instagram mirror mode (Web view) can also be used. Download Instagram for Desktop PC

Firstly, We will see about Instagram Web View, The Instagram Web View is introduced by Instagram in the year of 2013 [Instagram Web View] there it is the mirror site for your Instagram Profile. The Mirror copy your Instagram App version, the only thing it won’t be visible is stories, I hope Instagram is working on it to release same updated based on that.

The likes and comments will reflect the same on Web View, this is so interesting you can check your timeline wall when your mobile is not with you (Check Instagram on Desktop when you lost your mobile).

Launch Instagram in your Browser Instagram

Log in with your username or use Facebook Credentials (if you have used login with Facebook earlier).

Boom! Now you can your web view on your Instagram profile.

The changes in account level is made here with a ease.

Instagram web view - donwload Instagram for Desktop

this is method to see your timeline posts, if you want to own Instagram for Desktop here are the other methods to get into and third party applications like Android Emulator/BlueStack to be installed to get Instagram for Desktop

How to Get Instagram For Desktop by Using Blue Stack:

  1. Download and Install BlueStack Application on your desktop
  2. Bluestack is as Android Emulator which works as an Android Operating System inside Windows (it works in all Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10)
  3. Login with Android with your gmail account (i.e Android login account) you will get all the app accessible from Play store.
  4. Go to Play Store and Download Instagram and install it. Some Ads may appear – ignore it.
  5. Login with Instagram With your old account or use Login with Facebook.
  6. The Application will get fired and you can see your timeline stories and private messaging within the App. It will be as you see over phone.

This is very easy method to get Instagram for your desktop via bluestack.

How to Get Instagram For Desktop by Using Android Emulator:

This method works based on Android Emulator, which runs android within Windows and make to install all other apps from play store.

  1. Download the Android Emulator and install with a shortcut on desktop in it.
  2.  Once download and Installs completed login to it and your Android credentials it not create one for you.
  3. Launch Play store inside your emulator and search for Instagram
  4. Install Instagram App within Android Emulator and use your Instagram login to see your timeline photos.
  5.  If feed is not regularized refresh it you will get all images in time line as you see Instagram will be replication of instagram on your android phone.

This method is little harder way to get Instagram for Desktop but if Bluestack is not working this method can be used.


There are various site states about this technique to get Instagram for Desktop.

Firstly, Forbes Releases an Article month ago mentioning how to post to Instagram Photos from your webbrowser, the author of this article is Paul Monckton. He says about how Instagram is approving the post when you post from webbrowser with any apps installed and its a nice thing of posting to Instagram instead using off any applications. Instagram has started accepting post from mobile web.

This method can be used by all the types of browsers by dev tools.

Secondly, Louisem Releases an Article two months back,  Mentioning how to post photo’s to Instagram fro your Desktop, the author of this article is   She mention’s tools and tricks to post Instagram photo’s. She has covered more than 10 ways to post Instagram from the desktop. She has covered various scheduling tools for an Instagram post from your desktop.   Instagram from Desktop – 10 ways article has completed with various research and continuous updates with 8 versions as posted three years back.

Download Instagram for Desktop PC

This article covers various tools and tricks to Get/Post Instagram from Desktop with a simple way researched article.

Thirdly, Cnet Releases an Article three months back mentioning you can post Instagram from your computer, it is an interesting article as Cnet deserves it. The Author of this article is Sharon Profis. She mention’s how Instagram is accepting post from chrome Dev tools (user agent) from various browsers. As Instagram shortly accepted the post from Desktop (mobile web) in browsers. Mobile Web can be viewed in all browsers level and post can be published from that. Instagram press release on Mobile Web and to read more check Instagram Help Center to post more effectively.

I hope this article is useful for you, it covers how to Download and Install Instagram for desktop in various ways and other releases from Cnet and Frobes writing about how to post Instagram from desktop level.  I think this is the question were asked by 700 million Instagram followers. All these solutions come from a single Instagram Press release “Bringing Instagram Stories to Mobile Web“. This a perfect press release for Instagrm lovers to post from Desktop instead of mobile.



Download Instagram for Desktop PC

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Download Instagram for any Desktop PC


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