How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Desktop PC?

How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Desktop PC?, Windows 8 is all about its new amazing features and enhanced performance. 60,000 million smart people purchased knowing the amazing features than neglecting it by telling it is confusing to learn and use. When you really know what is Windows 8 is capable of, you can leave it aside.

How to Download Instagram for Windows 8?

Windows was born on October 26, 2012. Microsoft’s Windows 8 was the outcome of the idea of User experience. It can work on desktop, laptop and tablet. It was widely appreciated for its security, performance, touch screen device and other enhancements. Yet, it was also criticized for being very difficult to learn. Download Instagram for Windows 8

how to Download Instagram for Windows 8
how to Download Instagram for Windows 8

Features of Windows 8:

Grid Interface in the Desktop

It is completely new. As soon as you open the system, you get to see a grid like structure. It has all in your desktop, You never want to search of anything for long. Think of using your tablet or mobile or even your PC with Windows 8. It is cool to use. Everything that you use will be notified at in front of your sight. If you have any urgent work, Windows 8 is there to help you.


Something that can annoy that during our work in our system is Loading time and Boot time. How long it would take? Windows 8 has come along with the solution for this. The loading and boot time is amazing! But how did they do it? They use hibernation. When you shut down your system it hibernates each time. Thus, when you reboot your system, the memory of your previous session gets rebooted very quickly. Continue reading to know more about how to Download Instagram for Windows 8.

Do not search the search bar

Why? Because, There is no search bar. Search bar is not needed at all. In your previous operating system you would go to the search bar and type what you desire to find. But in Windows 8 you can just start typing and the search bar would appear for you and instantly find what you need. Is it not cool than its predecessors? Download Instagram for Windows 8

USB thumb drive

You know why to use it? There is something called Windows Go To. You can copy your entire OS including settings, apps, wallpapers and files using the Usb thumb drive. When you plug-in the Usb thumb drive into another system that ahs Windows 8 in it you can have your own system in another device.

Live Sync

Using a “Live ID” provided by Windows 8, you can sync it with anything other system that you use. You can make any system your system. The live ID will give all that you had in your device. This set up is very useful for office use. IT administrators will have a really good time to distribute it to the employees. This live syncing will make your data available anytime and anywhere as you want.

Built in anti- virus

It is now from Microsoft Security Essentials to Windows Defender. In Windows 8 you have your anti- virus built- in called as Windows Defender and you do not want to install it. We got to know enough about Windows 8.

Actually why we need to know all this? We use different apps. We need a place to use it better. We got a platform that is Windows 8. But where are your apps. Come let us go for it. An app for life is Instagram. Near or far, sad or happy, Instagram is your windows to pour out all your emotions. Download Instagram for Windows 8

  • Do you want a platform where you can capture your lovely moments as photos or videos and make this entire world accept you with their welcoming likes and comments?
  • Do you want to know about your family and friends and where they are up to?
  • Do you want to follow people with unique worldly perspective?

Then you need Instagram. Instagram is waiting with all that you need! It also has more than you need. You can do something that you have never ever expected. It has great features that would you speechless. Let’s see those mind blowing features of Instagram which are as under, Ever thought of having videos in your profile grid? You are guessing right! Instagram allows you have either pictures or videos in your profile. Not stopping with that, It has wide range of filters and creative tools to edit your pictures and has the facility to add multiple clips in one video. Will you agree if I tell you that Instagram knows more about you than yourself? Let us speak honestly. Will we have just one story in our one day of life? Instagram has a feature that allows you to share multiple photos and videos. (As many as you want)More over you can edit these too with drawing and text tools.

But is that really okay if umber of stories being clogged? I told you before that Instagram know you more than you. Your story will disappear after 24 hours and it would for another story to be uploaded. It doesn’t appear on your profile grid or in your feed. Till now only one side features are being explained. What about others in this most populated community? This app doesn’t tell you always to express but also to seek, observe, learn and contribute. Yes! You can watch the stories of other people you follow in the bar at the top of your feed. Continue reading till the end to know more about How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Desktop PC?

In fact, a picture can explain wisely that is something words can never do. When you look for photos in instagram you discover not only pictures but joys, message to life, morals, perspectives and much more. Download Instagram for Windows 8

And videos are extremely joyous.

  • Explore tab will help you to follow people you like whom you reached with their wonderful photos and videos.
  • Instagram direct helps you to send private messages, photo, videos and posts directly to your friends.

What is very cool about Instagram is that, it will never restrict you to be within itself. You can share anything that is on Instagram to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How to Download Instagram for Windows 8?

  • Have a Google account. If you do not have one please create it.
  • Type Bluestacks in the search bar.
  • Click on to the first link that appears.
  • Now click on to Download. (It is a green button)
  • Open your Blue stacks and then App stores and then on Get Jar.
  • You will see the home page of Get Jar. To the extreme bottom, click on ‘more.
  • Repeat clicking on “more” until you find Instagram.
  • Parallel to the Instagram you will find a tab called “FREE”.
  • Click on “FREE”.
  • Then click on DOWNLOAD and then GOOGLE PLAY STORE.
  • Now sign in with your Google account.
  • Your app will be downloaded.
  • Go to the home of the Bluestacks home by clicking on its icon which in the middle of your screen in the lower space.
  • You have to click on My Apps.
  • You’ll find your Instagram.
  • Click on Instagram and registrar your account or sign in if you already have an account.

I hope you would know about Emulators. They are software that make one system to behave as another. It enables the host system to run software. It enables the host system (main system) to run other apps or devices designed for the guest system. (Other system)

How to Download Emulators for PC? 

Its easy! For example –

  • Search the name of the emulator and its version.
  • Look for the platform you need.
  • Download it.

BLUESTACKS 3 , it is an Android emulator is available for your desktop. It is the  most popular and easy to use Emulator. Go ahead and install Bluestacks 3 in your system and launch the program. Open the play store to locate and install the Instagram. This is the most comfortable and easy way to download Instagram for Windows 8. On that note.  Download Instagram for Windows 8


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