How to Download Instagram for Chrome Browser?

Download Instagram for Chrome Browser, Chrome Browser is officially called as Google chrome browser. It means that it belongs to Google.


Download Instagram for Chrome Browser
Download Instagram for Chrome Browser


Browser is an application program. It allows you to interact with all the information out there in the Internet. It allows you to reach to a wide range of information. Google chrome browser can be called as open source program for accessing the internet. It also helps us to run web based application.


Google is very generous to give us an open source program. Do you the meaning of Open source of Program? An Open source program is usually for public. The best part is that it is freely available. Under Google, Google Chrome Browser comes under Chromium Project. Google released Chrome in the year of 2008. Several updates are available then and there throughout the year.

Chrome browser is available for a number operating systems which is as under,

It also supports the following web standards,

More about Google Chromium Web Browser

  • It was the first major web browser to have combined the status and address bar. Later many competitors adopted the same feature as Google’s.
  • You can sign in with the Google accounts. What will happen if you have signed in with the Google accounts in the Chrome browser?

It will help you to sync bookmarks to web pages across multiple devices In 2010, after knowing the immense welcome of the Browser, Google came up with the Chrome Web StoreChrome web store – is an online market. You can buy and install applications. They are available as Extensions, Links and  Websites.

How to Download Instagram for Chrome?

As per Stat counter, the usage of the Chrome browser stands at 58.94% as in the month of June 2018. And guess what? It stands first!

Though it stands in the first place, the market usage has been reduced to two percent comparing to the report of May 2018 which was 60. 62%.  Something that you have to know is it can be used in mobile. Previously it was mentioned that Chrome Browser is available in Android. So you can also use it in your mobile. In depth, when we look into the statistics,



As per the report in the month of June, 2018 

  • The number of Desktop browsers using chromium is 62.85%.
  • The number of mobile browsers using chrome is 54.98%.
  • The number of tablet browser using chrome is 57.89%.

The world knows that chrome is the best browser for Desktops, tablets and mobile. Chrome browser leads in the usage in all the devices it is used. So now, your favorite browser should be Chrome. What is your favorite in your browser? I know that! It would be InstagramInstagram – You are so sure about what is Instagram. But is it possible to have Instagram through your browser? We have to know about. It is important.

Why it is important? This should be a crazy question. What if it had lot of benefits and makes Instagram more fun?  So let us know about it in order. We’ll go with Instagram and its features, benefits of having Instagram in the browser and the methods to download Instagram through our chrome and if you wan to know how to Download Instagram for Windows.


  • It is a Photo and video sharing application.
  • You can get to know about all people you follow in it and what they are up to.
  • There are a lot of ways to manipulate your pictures with widely available features.
  • What is very cool about Instagram is that they come with brand new and exciting features every time.

For example

  • Archiving posts
  • Mini selfies
  • Sticker hash tags

How to Download Instagram for Chrome Browser?

  • It can have your book marks synchronized if you login to chrome.
  • Features like Flash to play videos are built-in with your chrome. You can never see any annoying pop- up if you go to your You-tube or anywhere to play video.
  • Here comes our more relevant feature. You have tons and tons of apps and extensions to be used.
  • The address bar in your chrome is not just the address bar but also Google.
  • When you search for any website, you do not have to type “www”. Just type the name of the website. You’ll have it right there in front of you.
  • You can bookmark your favorite page using the “star symbol” out there in the right end of the address bar.
  • You can have a number of apps to have in your chrome. It is a very big feature in the chrome.
  • You can see the icon of APPs in the top left corner of the chrome browser.
  • There is your collection of apps. Those are the apps that you have downloaded. You can have your apps whenever you want at your schedule.
  • In the bottom right of your screen, you can see ‘web store’. There are thousands of apps. Even Instagram!

Thus, chrome browser personalizes your account. Sign in options, built-in flash player and the handy availability of all your favorite apps seems to be the best boon. Using Instagram in your chrome is not at all a big deal. It is very simple and if you want to know – How to Download Instagram for Windows 7 Desktop.



How to Download Instagram for Chrome Browser | First method,

Step 1: Enter into your Chrome browser.

Step 2: In the extreme down right, you can see web store. Click on to web store.

Step 3: In the right top corner of your page, you can find a tab named “search”. Search for Instagram.

Step 4: It would show number of downloader for Instagram Or it would just show “Add to extension”.

Step 5: Click on “Add to extension”. It will direct you to the Instagram app and Download it.

Step 6: Now you’ll have your Instagram in your collection and at your schedule in your chrome browser. It is cool to update and add features.

Step 7: The best part is, you do not want any add-ons to perform all the above. It avoids the bane of single use add-on that is waste of space.

How to Download Instagram for Chrome Browser | Second method,

Step 1: It is so simple that is does not need any emulator.

Step 2: Download an extension called “User Agent Switcher for Google chrome” from the Chrome web store, Click on “add to chrome”.

Step 3: Click on and Click on chrome on Android mobile.

Step 4: You have your Instagram ready to work.

I personally recommend the second method as it is super easy to Download Instagram for Chrome Browser.  Instagram has become the daily part of our life. It has become our store place for memories. The more we personalize, the more it feels it is ours! Make Instagram completely yours with the most personalized and handy chrome browser. Download Instagram for Chrome Browser

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