How to Download Instagram for Windows 7 phone

How to download instagram for windows 7 phone

Download Instagram for Windows 7 phone, Windows phone by Microsoft was welcomed by many customers. It was released in the year 2010. Users interface, messaging and many more were widely appreciated. It created a trend to use a phone that was very different from the normal ones. With no delaying, we shall now discuss its features.

download Instagram for Windows 7 phone
download Instagram for Windows 7 phone

Features of Windows Phone 7 and i will help you to download instagram for windows 7 phone

User Interface

“Metro” is the name for Windows Phone 7 users interface. It has brought us “Live Tiles”. You can have all apps and its updates at a single site. No more switching on and off to all the applications that you have. All that you feel important you are there on your Start Screen. All the real-time updates are out there waiting for you. You can also add, remove the tiles as your need and convenience.


You have a built-in browser that provides the same experience as you have in your PC. You can also have your web- pages linked to the Live Tiles in the Start Screen. You can have access to them every time whenever you need to.

Recent Contacts

Recent Contacts are now very handy. You can reach to your loved ones in a matter of seconds.

 Office Suite

Have you ever imagined of Microsoft office suite in your phone? Your very conveniently portable Phone is now enough to access and work on Microsoft docs, excels etc. Apart from this, you have lots of other features like multitasking, syncs, Games, and Multimedia.

 What all these new features for? It is to have a great quality experience with your apps and instantly share them with the same quality expected. It is all now done. Tell me your favorite app? Though the question is to you, I have the answer for myself.

Download Instagram for Windows 7 phone

What comes to your mind when you hear all this? Without a second thought, all will scream Instagram. It will be really amazing and surprising when you come across reports on Statistics about Instagram. What a big community it has formed! What a platform it has given to professionals like Photographers. It has become an essential part of all our lives.

Download Instagram for Windows 7 phone

Use Instagram to know that it is the simplest way to photograph or video anything and share across the world. With 245 million followers it is ruling the social media. Technically, Instagram is a photo and video sharing application. It would allow you to share photos and videos with your friends and family. It will also give a platform to keep up to date with celebrities, politicians, and athletes. Instagram has a camera within itself. You can also use the already existing photos in your computer. Amazing filters are found that range from retro to futuristic which will allow you to manipulate photos.

Features of Instagram

Before knowing the common features, let us look at some super-cool features of Instagram

Features can be of two

  • The first one is features that help to organize your Instagram and be up to date with your favorite post.
  • The second one is to make your Instagram stories really catchy.

I agree that all of you will have a PC or mobile of your own. Yet, we wish for some features to personalize our Instagram use. Instagram makes that simpler for us.

Archive Posts

If you archive your posts,

  • Nobody can see the archived posts other than you.
  • The archived posts will be archived with all likes and comments.
  • You can also restore them wherever you like.

How to archive posts in Instagram

  • Log in to your profile.
  • Click on to ios or android above the post you would like to archive.
  • Select Archive.

Your desired post is archived now! But it is never an undo process. You can reshow your archive posts again in your profile. To be clear, you can repost your archive posts.

How to show your archive posts in your profile

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click on to the “clock-like symbol” in the top right.
  • Click on to the post you want to show on the profile.
  • Tap ios or android above the post, then select – show on the profile.

Thus, you can archive a post from your feed or make your archived post to show up on your feed again.

Download Instagram for Windows 1o | Download Instagram for windows 7 Desktop

Save posts for later use

Instagram has come up with a new feature that allows you to save posts for you to use it at a later time. Viewing through the Instagram, we may like a photo or video. It is usual that we do not take even a screenshot of the picture. You would search for the picture that is something really irritating. To avoid this, you can use the Bookmark feature to save all your favorite posts in under one collection.

How to save posts for later use

All you have to do is – Tap the bookmark icon. (You can see that below your favorite post.) There is no more tension to look for your favorite. Download Instagram for Windows 7 phone

Selfies are going to be more fun

You know what selfies are. Has it been old right? Yet, there is something more interesting with an Instagram selfie. Heard of mini-selfies? Imagine a cute little image of your all around your story. Let me tell you how to do it. Here how it goes!

  • Take a photo or video.
  • You can find a smiley-face icon on the right corner.
  • It is the same as how you’ll add a sticker.
  • Tap the camera icon in the magic folder and take a selfie.
  • What next? Just post your selfie stickers all around.

I personally enjoy this feature. I have never thought of mini-selfies.

Sticker hashtags

It is one of the great ways to grab attention. When you put up something with hashtag message along with a suitable picture, it is all new. You know how to make Sticker hashtags? It is as below.

  • Tap the desired photo.
  • Tap the stickers icon.
  • In a white box, you can find the hashtag. Click on it.
  • As per your wish, customize it.

It is all done now!

Against Gravity

 Is that not cool, if something against gravity? Instagram has that!

  • Throw a ball. It will sure get back to you without anybody in the opposite end.
  • Dance and see the backward dance of yours.

With no delay, let us now check how to do it

  • Go to Instagram.
  • Click on to Stories.
  • Tap the rewind button.

This can be called the coolest feature of the Instagram.

Eraser Brush

 Paintbrush is common in all paint applications. Having any clue on what is an eraser brush? Let me start telling you on how to use it as it that would wipe all your questions.

  • Take a photo and select the drawing tool and pick your favorite color.
  • Hold on your picture for the favorite color to spread the picture.
  • Now go ahead and tap the eraser icon. Your pick will reveal amidst your favorite color.

A daring feature

What can be daring in Instagram? It would be posting a live video. A talk, a dance, a comment, an opinion. All this is possible in a minute with this feature. It is just like sharing your Instagram story. As simple as that! Wait you have more surprises!!!!

  • After you complete your Live stream, you have two options.
  • First one is that you can save the video and share it. Others can see it for 24 hours.
  • You can even discard it if you are not satisfied with the video.
  • If you want to share your video, Play Button will be shown on your profile photo.

 Steps to download Instagram in Windows 7 phone

You have to know that there is no official client for Instagram for Windows 7. But you do have help around.  And yes! The official Instagram app is now available on Windows 8.  Know the 6tag of the Windows phone. It is the unofficial client for Windows phone that allows you to do all you do with your Instagram official app. You can download the 6tag app that is available in the Windows Store.

  • Go to the Windows Store.
  • You have to type “6 tag app” in the search tab.
  • Click on to download.
  • Install it on the Phone.

 It is a third party Application for Windows. It behaves just like your Instagram. Hope we have solved the problem – Download Instagram for Windows 7 phone.

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