How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone

How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone – On earlier post we saw how to Download Instagram for Windows 7 PhoneThe second generation in the family of Windows Phone operating system is Windows Phone 8. It belongs to Microsoft as everybody knows. However, the current Windows 7 cannot update to Windows 8.  It was introduced in the year 2020. There are millions of users still in the world, yet the decline is on the raise.




How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone
How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone

Features of Windows Phone 8 and Trick on How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone

Live Tiles makes your screen wonderful. We always look for the screen and we wish all to be on that screen itself. In short, we would like to customize my aspects. Windows 8 in phone provides that.  You can have Large, Small or A medium or little medium as the size of your tile. You can choose and keep the important things on your screen. You can also remove as and when you need them.

NFC was called one of the most novel features in the current day phones. The full form of NFC goes like Near Field Communication. It acts as a great shopping accessory. You have a feature called as Kid’s corner. You can give limited access or the needed access to your phone to the kids around. They cannot access all through your phone.

VoIP app  enables you to have third-party apps. You can give a call just like you to do a person from the People’s Hub. Even when your phone is locked you’ll get the calls, messages, and alerts. The working of Apps has to be checked by installing them into our Windows 8. Knowing a bit of the world’s biggest community, let us go for it.


Download Instagram for Windows Desktop.


Instagram to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone

Instagram is a photo and video sharing application. It would allow you to share photos and videos with your friends and family. It will also give a platform to keep up to date with celebrities, politicians, and athletes. Instagram has a camera within itself. Cool right? You can also use the already existing photos in your computer. Amazing filters are found that range from retro to futuristic which will allow you to manipulate photos.

Why we need Instagram and why we need to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone?

Something that can excite us more is, you can share photos and videos to other social networking sites. Think deeply. Is it all about fun and social status? Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone. 


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You have great business opportunities. You can market your products and advertise with all needed description. It is 100% sure that you can reach hundreds of customers. Guessed it, right? It is a visual marketing. Instagram can make you a business person. Today’s world is all about communication and it is absolutely the popular and easy way to market your products. It is one of the easiest ways to reach customers. It has 800 million users. 95 million photos are updated every day. 

Comparing the other social media, high engagement rate is rather high. When compared with Facebook, it has 90% more ER (Engagement rate). It is obvious that people like to view images than reading 30 or 40 words. One image can better explain things.

To be clear, to buys things on other e-commerce apps, downloading is the initial step. But if you have your Instagram, you can see the images of the product and only if you like the product and have the desire to get the same you can go ahead and download to buy it. Why download an entire app just for one product and what if you do not like it? Think!

It envisages your business. An interesting photo can lead the customers to the content and know more about the product. The first goal of business is to educate your customers. Make your customers know more about your business. The visual look of your business is an easy way to make customers remember your product.

You can do something that you have never ever expected. It has great features that would you speechless. Let’s see those mind-blowing features of Instagram which are asunder,

Ever thought of having videos in your profile grid? You are guessing right! Instagram allows you have either pictures or videos in your profile. Not stopping with that, it has a wide range of filters and creative tools to edit your pictures and has the facility to add multiple clips in one video. How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone

Will you agree if I tell you that Instagram knows more about you than yourself? Let us speak honestly. Will we have just one story in our one day of life? Instagram has a feature that allows you to share multiple photos and videos. (As many as you want)Moreover, you can edit these too with drawing and text tools.

But is that really okay if a number of stories being clogged?Your story will disappear after 24 hours and it would for another story to be uploaded. It doesn’t appear on your profile grid or in your feed.


instagram for windows desktop

Till now only one side features are being explained. What about others in this most populated community? This app doesn’t tell you always to express but also to seek, observe, learn and contribute. Yes! You can watch the stories of other people you follow in the bar at the top of your feed.

In fact, a picture can explain wisely that is something words can never do. When you look for photos on Instagram you discover not only pictures but joys, a message of life, morals, perspectives and much more. And videos are extremely joyous.

Explore tab will help you to follow people you like whom you reached with their wonderful photos and videos. Instagram Direct helps you to send private messages, photo, videos, and posts directly to your friends. What is very cool about Instagram is that it will never restrict you to be within itself. You can share anything that is on Instagram to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Till now we saw what all can an Instagram give to us. There are ways to make them better. Just think of all these features when handy and very comfortable to use.

Steps to Download Instagram for Windows 8 phone

(No more third-party apps like 6tag. We have the official Instagram app in the Windows store.)

I welcome you to the steps to follow. Go to your Windows Store.  Type Instagram in the search tab. Windows call it Instagram beta Version 0.1. So don’t be confused.  Click on the app that has risen. Click on to the Download button and Install it on the phone. All is done. However, there are some features missing. Yet, everything can be overlooked as the visual is something great to have.

Though the current market is reducing for Windows phone, there are still millions of users who are super- cool having it. Hope we solved the problem for the solution – How to Download Instagram for Windows 8 Phone

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