How to Download Instagram for Windows Desktop?

This dawn is for us to know How to Download Instagram for Windows. Top most companies around the world are customer- centered. They always want their customers to have everything in anything. Customization comes into picture here.

Can all application work in all operating system? Maybe yes; maybe no. Before getting into the decision, any company will assess the worth of the product. They will like to know about the product. Once proved to be market worthy, the company would either try to acquire or make it available through the already existing product.

Instagram for Windows

It makes it easy for all the customers to access the new arrival without changing the existing product they use. In today’s market, this is being the trend.  The above scenario can be explained with Instagram and Windows. Both of them have no connection at all.

Yet, you can access this application through the Windows operating system. Windows has sensed the growth of Instagram application through the customer base it has and has made available this popular application to lots of people around the world to have access to Instagram though Windows. We shall near our core topic How to Download Instagram for Windows.

How to Download Instagram for Windows?

Instagram captures moments. It was created as a photo sharing app. It has come a long way now. It also helps you to form a community. You can find friends and family. You can also come across people who will make you discover their life and what they are up to.

How to Download Instagram for Windows
How to Download Instagram for Windows


It is a community of more than 700 billion people. Your business and fun together in the same place is Instagram. In a very short period of time, Instagram reached some unimaginable place in the market.

You can post posts and videos. You can also have photos and videos in the profile grid. You also have filters and creative tools for editing the photos and you can include many clips into one video using these tools.

Instagram stories are very popular. You can upload many photos and even videos. You can make it alive by drawing and writing on the photos and videos. These stories will disappear after 24 hours. This is really cool as it will not be a burden to your memory. It will not appear in your feed or in your profile grid.

At the top of your feed, you can see the stories of the other people. Another popular feature is the Explore tab. This will allow you can discover new photos and videos which will lead you to find new people and increase your followers as well.

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All the above features do not mean that Instagram is very open. Instagram Direct can send private messages and photos as well.  Instagram is not limited to Instagram itself. You can send pictures and videos to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. There are some setbacks like in certain devices a few functions may not be supported. It was introduced as a mobile application. Thus, few setbacks are not yet avoided.

How to Download Instagram for Windows?

You can archive your posts just by logging in to your profile. You can archive them along with the comments and likes. If you archive your posts nobody can see those posts. You can restore it whenever you like. Entering into the profile and clicking on the clock symbol in the top right and on the post you want to archive.

You can save posts for later use. When scrolling down the screen you may like a picture or a video very much. You can just bookmark that particular picture through Bookmark feature. The bookmark icon will be present below the picture. Just a tap on it will make the work done.

Instagram selfies are cute little images which you can place anywhere around your story. First, you should take a photo or video. You can find a smiley-face icon on the right corner. It is the same as how you’ll add a sticker. Tap the camera icon in the magic folder and take a selfie.


Windows operating system belongs to Microsoft. It has evolved introducing different versions of operating system. It enhanced each of its features to make it the best operating system. There is a lot of versions like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and more to come.

Through the Introduction of Windows 7, a lot of retail sales was maintained by Microsoft. It was named as the most successful company in the world. There are more than one billion computers using Windows as their operating system.

The first version of Windows dates back to 1986 and it is with Windows 10 now and heading up to Windows 10.1 majestically. In an average, every three years there will be a release of new windows with exciting features.

Instagram for Windows phone:

Through this article you will know How to Download Instagram for Windows phone. Windows for the phone was released in the year 2010. It was appreciated as it was very real as in PC. It created a trend to use a phone that was very different from the normal ones. Yet many mobile applications were not working in it. But gradually Microsoft brought incompatibility.

It is called a glorious failure. The reason for its failure is the time. When Windows phone entered the market, Android and iOS have already in lead taking all the support of the third party manufacturers. It is now time to now know about each of the Windows version and How to Download Instagram for Windows.

This photo- sharing app introduced in the year 2010 is liked by many in through a desktop. Instagram and Windows have become a great pair. It has built a great community with millions and millions of users. Instagram in Desktop, to be more understandable on a big screen is really exciting.

A large picture is always good.  If you want to get rid of someone and click on to “unfollow”, Desktop will never get a second chance to think.  It is known for its highly acclaimed square image format which is quite amazing on the desktop. No need to be hesitant as the desktop allows us to use all the features that are available in the mobile.

The very less known feature is that in the desktop you can access up to 5 accounts simultaneously by just clicking on to “add account”. It is fully free and you can also try them using the trail packs.


How to Download Instagram for Windows


But mobiles do give away good accessibility. It is portable and very personal. Let us discuss it in detail.

METHOD ONE: Download Instagram Extension for Safari

Download an extension called “User Agent Switcher for Google Chrome” from the Chrome web store. Click on “add to chrome” and then click on and then you have to click Install and after installation, it is ready to work.

METHOD TWO: Download Instagram Add-ons for Safari

STEP 1: You have to download an add-on called “User-agent Over rider” and then click on the respective browser’s menu. Now you have to click on add-ons / Press ctrl+shift+A.

STEP 2: Scroll down and click on “add more add-ons”. Search for User Agent over the rider. Click on Add to Firefox.

STEP 3: Click on Install. Now open your favorite in a tab. Click on user agent over rider icon. Select Use your Instagram as usual as you do always.

Instagram for Windows XP

Windows XP was brought to the world in the year 2001. It ruled the market. Windows XP is Windows Experience. It was released in three versions such as The Home Edition, The Professional Edition, and Media Centre Edition.

The Home edition Windows XP is for the basic PC users. The Professional Edition is for the professionals who need a little-advanced feature. The Media center Edition is for the Media centers that produce laptops and desktops and use this Windows XP for installation. They are popularly called as the media center for PC.

Even today there are 400 million computers operating with this operating system. But this is definitely a risk that is taken by the users. The company has long back stopped its support long back and now it is open for hackers and other troubles. This really portrays the success of the product.

How to Download Instagram for Windows XP?

With the help of Emulators, you can run android apps in Windows XP. Popular emulators are mentioned as Bluestacks Android Emulator for PC, Droid4x Android Emulator for PC, Android Android Emulator for PC, Genymotion Android Emulator for PC, Youwave Android Emulator for PC.

Method ONE:

STEP 1: Download Bluestacks and install it. All that needs a basic configuration 2 GB ram, 250 GB HDD, Inter core 2 duo or dual core. Bluestack emulator is an offline installer. It will ask for Google login credentials, log –in to activate it.

STEP 2: Access your Bluestacks. Now in the search panel, search for an Instagram app, Download the app and install it. Open the installed app sign-up for a new Instagram account. Once u logged in you can select some of your favorite photos, videos and post it on the application wall.


How to Download Instagram for Windows PC


Method  TWO: Download web Instagram/ Launch Sign in with credentials

Download Instagram for Vista

Windows Vista came to the World in the year 2007. The time gap between Windows XP and Windows Vista is 5 years. This is considered as a greater time span in the market. It plainly means for years customers were happy with the Windows XP. Yet, Microsoft brought something better than the Windows XP.

To have Vistas in your system, let us know some the requirements: 800 MHz Intel-compatible/ 512 MB RAM/ 20 GB hard drive space / DVD drive /DirectX 9.0 compatible video card/ Standard sound card for sound capability/ Windows 2000 or Windows XP to upgrade. Do you that there is a Premium Version of Windows Vista? 1 GHz Intel-compatible/ 1 GB RAM/ 40 GB hard drive space / DVD drive / DirectX 9.0 compatible video card/ Standard sound card for sound capability/ Windows 2000 or Windows XP to upgrade.

It brought changes in the Graphical Interface User. This Graphical Interface User was named as Windows Aero.

Easy transfer feature was called a wow feature in the Windows Vista. It helped the customers to have their files back from their previous system. This was the much-needed feature and Microsoft filled the gap of wanting. Search tab was introduced.

Now file, song, video and set up finding became very easy. This search tab can be found in the desktop itself. And this feature was named as Instant Search. Windows Defender was built- in to deal with things like the slow working of the system, virus protection etc. Child Protection feature was made easy with the new Parental control features.

Steps to download and Install Instagram in Windows Vista?

STEP 1: Go to In this website, you’ll find Instagram for PC.rar. Below this, you’ll see a link which will be as “Click here to start download from sendspace.

STEP 2: You can find the setup in “downloads” and Install it. Click on to “run” for the process to complete. And finally, click on “Install”.

Download Instagram for Windows 7(PC):

Windows 7 came into the market exactly after two years. It was greatly welcomed. It had great features in it. Windows 7 – It is still used by 47.01% of people around the world. It is really a remarkable achievement. There is something about Windows 7. It is most users -friendly OS the world has ever seen. Even wealthy businesses are unwilling to get rid of it as it is super-easy to use it.

Windows 7 has lost half a percent in the Mid July; 2018. The foretold 47.01 percent as fell to 41.2 %. According to Microsoft, Windows 7 has lost 7% in the last 12 months. There are 180 million PC commercial connections all over the world as per Microsoft. There are 700 Windows 7 users as per Net applications.

Its system requirements are very basic that anybody on earth will have it. It is as follows: 1 GHz processor. (32 or 64bit)/ 1 or 2 GB- RAM. (32 or 64bit)/ 16 GB/20 GB- Available disk space. (32 or 64bit/ Direct X high graphics device.

How to Download Instagram for Windows 7(PC):

You have to select an emulator to go ahead and install Instagram in the Windows 7. Let us check out some super- cool Emulators that can help us.

Remix OS Player: It is so apt for Windows 7. It has to be downloaded as follows:

Visit the official website of Remix OS Player. ( You can see the interface of the Remix OS Player. The interface would show Remix OS for PC. Just click on it. It would ask for the bit details. Click on to the desired app and run to install it. Yet knowing the system requirements is really important.

2 GHz Dual – Core processor/ 2 GB system memory/ Minimum 8 GB of hard drive space/ Internet access. Blue stacks are the most popular Android emulator. It is because it is very easy to use. Now, we’ll see the steps to download Blue Stacks.

Go to your browser/ enter into the official website of Blue Stacks. You will be introduced to the Download page directly/ Click on to the download tab/ Click on the downloaded Blue stacks to run it and for it to install. Andy is another application for you to download your desired Instagram. Go to your browser/ Type the official address of the Andy.

You’ll get to see a page where you can see “Top mobile apps on Andy”/ Click on anything that you need and the task is done. Droid4x is really an interesting app as it comes with many add-ons. It has an app. You have to download and install that on your mobile. You can use your mobile to control the games on your PC.


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Steps to download Droid4x:

Enter your browser/ Type / In the home tab, you’ll find Software tab/ Clicking on Software tab, you’ll get a list/ From the list you can find Emulators/ Click on emulators to find Droid4x/ It first shows all the information about Droid4x/ At the end of the page, you can find a blue button with Download option on it. Click it and run the file to install it to enjoy all android apps on PC.

Windroy can be downloaded by entering your browser. Type the official address of Windroy. Hit the green download button/ After the downloading is completed, click open the file to run, install in your PC.

Genymotion emulator can be downloaded if our system has the following requirements:

Minimum System Requirements for Geny motion Operating System/ Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Memory/ (RAM): 2GB of RAM required/ Hard Disk Space: 1GB of free space required/ Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later/ You must install Oracle Virtual Box

 Steps to download Genymotion

To  download Genymotion, you should have Oracle virtual box/ Without Oracle virtual box you cannot install Genymotion/ Oracle virtual box is a free to use and open source of virtualization software.

Download Instagram for Windows 7 on the phone:

Windows 7 user interface in the phone was amazing. The user interface of windows phone 7 was Metro. It has brought us “Live Tiles”. You can have all apps and its updates at a single site. No more switching on and off to all the applications that you have.

You have a built-in browser that provides the same experience as you have in your PC. You can also have your web- pages linked to the Live Tiles in the Start Screen. You can have access to them every time whenever you need to have you ever imagined of Microsoft office suite in your phone? Your very conveniently portable Phone is now enough to access and work on Microsoft docs, excels etc. Apart from this, you have lots of other features like multitasking, syncs, Games, and Multimedia.

How to Download Instagram for Windows 7 phone?

STEP 1: Go to the Windows Store. You have to type “6 tag app” in the search tab.

STEP 2: Click on to download. Install it on the Phone.

You have to know that there is no official client for Instagram for Windows 7. But you can get around this.  The official Instagram app is now available on Windows 8. Know the 6tag of the Windows phone. It is the unofficial client for Windows phone that allows you to do all you do with your Instagram official app.

You can download the 6tag app that is available in the Windows Store. It is a third party Application for Windows. It behaves just like your Instagram.

Windows 8:

Windows 8 was very new from the previous versions of the Windows Operating Systems. Almost everything was changed and the end users were totally confused. But it was greatly appreciated for its speed and many other features.

 Windows 8s’ certain features were greatly appreciated. One among them was the Grid Interface in the Desktop. It is completely new. As soon as you open the system, you get to see a grid-like structure. It has all on your desktop. You never want to search for anything for long. Think of using your tablet or mobile or even your PC with Windows 8. Everything that you use will be notified at in front of your sight. If you have any urgent work, Windows 8 is there to help you.

A great efficiency in loading and booting time was achieved using the Hibernation method. Hibernation is nothing but each time when you shut down your system it hibernates each time. Thus, when you reboot your system, the memory of your previous session gets rebooted very quickly. No more search bar.

In your previous operating system, you would go to the search bar and type what you desire to find. But in Windows 8 you can just start typing and the search bar would appear for you and instantly find what you need. You can copy your entire OS including settings, apps, wallpapers and files using the USB thumb drive. When you plug-in the USB thumb drive into another system that has Windows 8 in it you can have your own system in another device. 

Using a “Live ID” provided by Windows 8, you can sync it with anything another system that you use. You can make any system your system. The live ID will give all that you had on your device. IT administrators will have a really good time to distribute it to the employees.

This live syncing will make your data available anytime and anywhere as you want. It is now from Microsoft Security Essentials to Windows Defender. In Windows 8 you have your anti-virus built- in called as Windows Defender and you do not want to install it.

Steps to download Instagram for Windows 8

Method ONE: Have a Google account. If you do not have one please create it. Type Bluestacks in the search bar.

STEP 1: Click on to the first link that appears and now click on to Download. (It is a green button). Open your Blue stacks and then App stores and then on the Get Jar. You will see the home page of the Get Jar. To the extreme bottom, click on ‘more.

STEP 2: Repeat clicking on “more” until you find Instagram. Parallel to the Instagram you will find a tab called “FREE”. Click on “FREE”. Then click on DOWNLOAD and then GOOGLE PLAY STORE. Now sign in with your Google account. Your app will be downloaded.

STEP 3: Go to the home of the Bluestacks home by clicking on its icon which in the middle of your screen in the lower space. You have to click on My Apps. You’ll find your Instagram. Click on Instagram and registrar your account or sign in if you already have an account.

Method TWO: Emulators are software that makes one system to behave like another. It enables the host system to run the software. It enables the host system (main system) to run other apps or devices designed for the guest system. (Another system)

Windows 8 phone:

Windows Phone 8 was introduced in the year 2012. But the sad news is Windows 7 cannot be updated into Windows 8. As we already know that the Windows phone is a flop, any extra features into this were cut off. Still, there are millions who use it around the world.

How to Download Instagram for Windows?

Live Tiles helps us in customizing our aspects. We need all to be handy and on screen. Windows 8 in phone provides that.  You can have Large, Small or A medium or little medium as the size of your tiles. You can choose and keep the important things on your screen. You can also remove as and when you need them.

NFC was called one of the most novel features in the current day phones. The full form of NFC goes like Near Field Communication. It acts as a great shopping accessory. You have a feature called as Kid’s corner. You can give limited access or the needed access to your phone to the kids around. They cannot access all through your phone. VoIP apps enable you to have third-party apps. You can give a call just like you to do a person from the People’s Hub. (Contacts)Even when your phone is locked you’ll get the calls, messages, and alerts.


Steps to download Instagram for Windows 8 phone:

(No more third-party apps like 6tag. We have the official Instagram app in the Windows store.)

Step 1: Go to your Windows Store. Type Instagram in the search tab. Windows call it Instagram beta Version 0.1. So don’t be confused. Click on the app that has risen.

Step 2: Click on to the Download button and Install it on the phone. All is done. However, there are some features missing. Yet, everything can be overlooked as the visual is something great to have. In spite of the current market is reducing for Windows phone, there are still millions of users who are super- cool having it.

Download Instagram for Windows 8.1:

Microsoft Windows 8.1 was successful. But it was not free from setbacks. It was all new. It gave a lot of importance to be on any device. It supported Tablets as well. It was introduced in the year 2013. The most important drawback was Privacy. As all were shown on the Desktop in the Grid- like interface, people were not much happy about it. Yet, it was a success.

It runs on touchscreen devices and traditional computers that depend on the mouse and a keyboard. The company came up with Windows 8.1 to clear all the complaints of Windows 8. The most wanted Start button was made available with it. If you already use Windows 8, you can update Windows 8.1 for free. You can even have Windows 8.1 as a trial pack which is for free.

How to Download Instagram for Windows?

Multi – Window Mode can run more than two apps using this Multi- Window mode feature. You can resize it as per your comfort. You can your apps running on multiple windows also. Enhanced Windows Store of Windows 8.1 has both Google Play Store and Apple Store. It is very neatly organized as Top free apps, new apps, and top picks. Each app is given a very detailed description. All the apps are updated in the Windows 8.1.

You have sky drive to save all your files. You can access them even when you are offline. You can photo on your lock screen. It is not just as pictures but as a slideshow.

Know the Minimum system requirements to have Windows in your device: Processor: One GHz or more/ RAM: 32 bits or 64 bits/ Hard Disk Space – 16 GB (32 bit) or 20 GB (64 bit) /Graphics card- Microsoft Direct X9 graphics device with WDDM driver.

How to Download Instagram for Windows 8.1?

STEP 1: Go to your Windows store. In the home page, you will find the Search bar in the top right corner. Type search and click on to the search icon or just click Enter.

STEP 2: Click on “Show all” to have an access to all the apps available. You will find an app called “Lucky Insta”. Luck Insta is the Instagram Client for all Windows version.

STEP 3: Very below the App you can read the description and download that is your need. You’ll find a button to download. Click “Download and Install” in your system.

Download Instagram for Windows 10:

This operating system (Windows 10) was released in the year, 2015. It is being updated then and there. Users can just update them to get the latest features and get along the advantages. And this is absolutely free.

As all business should behave, Microsoft made its Desktop back to its versions. It has given back what people wanted. There was a wide criticism for the Touch-based Grid like interface. Now that is done for. What is new in Windows 10? Microsoft Windows 10 has come up with a new browser. It is named Microsoft Edge. There is no more Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is also available for Android and iOS. Microsoft Edge has a built-in Adobe Flash Player.

How to Download Instagram for Windows?

The most missed feature of old Windows versions is the Start menu. People really did not go where to start without the Start Menu. Microsoft has come up with Personal voice Assistant. You can call it Cortana. Moreover, Cortana not just acts as Voice Assistants; it also has Reminders, alarms and calendar events. In the recent months, Windows 10 has surpassed Windows 7. How would this not happen? Brand new Windows 10 has new enhanced features and had also bought the old most loved features. Microsoft has brilliantly combined both. Microsoft has New to excite and the old to cherish.

Stat Counter tells that Windows 10 has started its reach with 42.78 percent. Initially, it had a lot of users who rushed to get their Windows 10. It had a slowdown in between, but once again it started to rouse as the market understood its new and amazing features.

Windows 10 system requires the minimum Windows 10 hardware requirements for a PC or 2-in-1 device are: Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or system-on-a-chip (SoC)/ RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit/ Hard disk space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 20 GB for 64-bit OS/ Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with Windows Display Driver Model 1.0./ Display: 800×600

The minimum Windows 10 Mobile hardware requirements for a smartphone are 1 GB RAM, 8 GB flash storage, a Trusted Platform Module, Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, 32 bits of color per pixel, and 720p screen resolution. Smartphones also require a Snapdragon SoC from Qualcomm Technologies.


How to Download Instagram for Windows 10?

It is through an emulator. An emulator is a software that makes one system to behave like another. It enables the host system to run the software. It enables the host system to run other apps or devices designed for the guest system. There are many emulators like Bluestacks. There are many such emulators such as Andy, Genymotion, Xamarin, MEmu Play, NOX Player  Remix OS Player etc., These emulators will help you to make your system worthy of anything that you want to work or play on. Emulators show its new updates very clearly. It helps you to run multiple operating systems. It offers key mapping tools (that allows manipulating your keyboard as per your need and comfort) that are super useful to play games.

With settings which has General, Advanced, Network, Others, and Shortcuts; focusing on General tab will help you discover a lot to make your system run as smooth as possible. There are official pages for all emulators separately but with you have a large collection of emulators. Search the name of the emulator and its version/ Look for the platform you need/ Download it.

STEP 1: Go ahead and install Bluestacks 3 in your system and launch the program. Open the play store to locate and install the Instagram.

STEP 2: Launch the program and connect to your profile. Now, it is time to take pictures using the Instagram camera or post the already existing pictures to your Instagram profile. Head over to click photos, selfies or manipulate the existing photos with the widely available range of filters.

STEP 3: The above stated is just one of the ways to download Instagram for Windows 10. Now I am going to share the easiest way to do it. No Instagram Data Application, No Third Party Instagram apps like we have seen in the past.  I am directing you to the official first-party Instagram application and how to get that on your Windows 10 device.

STEP 4: Head over to your Windows Store and search for Instagram. Instagram for Windows 10 will show up. In the initial days of Instagram, it was installed only on Windows phone but now it is supported on the PC officially.


Windows 10 phone:

The super-improved version of the Operating system. It has got a lot more features than its predecessors. It was released in the year 2015. Windows Hello is a security feature. You can unlock your Windows device without a password. Instead, you can use your fingerprint face or another device.

Cortana is a digital assistant. It can complete all the personal works. Overtime Cortana can learn all be more useful to you. Windows has comprehensive security features such as Antivirus, Fire falls and Anti-phishing features

S- Mode allows you to browse as like in any browser using Micro soft edge. It has enhanced security features. You can even leave of it anytime you need. You have a built-in LTE or Gigabit LTE which is 3 to 5 times faster than any WIFI. Windows 10 has reached 42.78 users in terms of internet usage. It is a report which was released in the month of February by Stat Counter. The Great features with great apps are everybody’s expectation.

Windows 10 can upgrade your systems directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and also Windows 8 to Windows 10. It does not stick to any time-consuming procedures. It has built-in features that allow corporate companies to use a mobile device management system.

Steps to Download Instagram for Windows 10 phone:

STEP 1: Go to your Windows Store. Type Instagram in the search tab. Windows call it Instagram beta Version 0.1. So don’t be confused.

STEP 2: Click on the app that has risen and Click on to the Download button and Install it on the phone.

This official Instagram app for Windows 10 is named as Instagram Beta 1.0. It is an exclusive version for Windows phone. Yet some features cannot get through the Windows 10 phone. (No more third-party apps like 6tag. We have the official Instagram app in the Windows store.)

Differences between the Old forms of Windows and the new forms of Window:

In terms of security, Windows Vista can be rated as far better. The inbound and outbound traffic prevents your system to be hacked. Nobody can access your information or steal the information.

Initially, Vista was most definitely a DOWNGRADE from XP. It remains a rather expensive investment, for little in return.  Windows 7 addresses all the problems that Vista brought to the table and makes actual improvements to Vista. IMHO, Win7 is everything that XP ever was, plus more.

Windows 7 has been more carefully crafted, in almost all respects. Windows 7 is going to be Microsoft’s workhorse for the next several years. You can expect that a new Windows 7 computer will be fully supported until the year 2020 or later. Vista? You’ll be doing real good to find serious support after 2012, IMHO.

But, I’m a realist, and I know that most people are going to use Windows. At the least, get the version that really does work best, and will be supported as far into the future as possible. Windows XP generally occupies low disk space, less memory (256 MB) so that programs run faster in XP.

And most of the programs are compatible with it. It is easier to use for the beginners. Just the defect is, it lacks animations and visual styles are not so good. But nowadays, different skin packs are available which changes the look and feel of the windows (XP). And the next defect is, it doesn’t support some new programs that are available today.

Windows Vistas was developed after Windows XP and before windows 7. Windows Vista uses more disk space and requires more memory than XP (512 MB). The programs that are compatible with Windows XP are also compatible with Vista. It is also not so complex for beginners. The visual styles are better than in XP. It is similar to windows 7 but still lacks some features than in windows 7. And it is the least rated windows. How to Download Instagram for Windows?

Windows 7 was developed only a few years before. It uses disk space and memory like that of Vista but it is more flexible than Vista. Most of the programs (but not all) that are compatible with previous versions of windows are also compatible with windows 7. And some new programs run only on Windows 7 or 8 but not on previous versions of windows like XP and Vista. Windows 7 has good visual styles and animations. Though it is not the latest version of windows, it is still the highest rated windows of all.

Windows 8 It was developed only a few months before, and the latest version of windows of all. Windows 8 requires more disk space and more RAM (2 GB) to run smoothly. it is the next generation of Windows 7, so it supports all the program that is compatible with windows 7. It is a little complex for beginners. It has very good visual styles and animations but it is still developing.

It has metro style Start Menu you will feel like you are using iPhone. Although it is the latest version, it is still lower rated than windows 7 due to its rigid features. So if you have less RAM like 1 GB then u better prefer Windows XP. If you have 2 GB ram then prefer windows 7. If you have more RAM (4 GB or more) and graphics memory then you can prefer windows 8.

Windows and Operating Systems:

We call Windows as the operating system. But you should know that Windows is better than just an operating system. How to Download Instagram for Windows?The Difference between Operating System and Windows is an operating system is a set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources. A stand-alone operating system is a complete operating system that works on a desktop computer, notebook computer, or mobile computing device.

An operating system is a set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources. Most operating systems perform similar functions that include starting and shutting down a computer, providing a user interface, managing programs, managing memory, coordinating tasks, monitoring performance, providing file management and other utilities, and automatically updating itself and certain utility programs.

Some operating systems also allow users to control a network and administer security. Although an operating system can run from an optical disc and/or flash memory mobile media, in most cases, the operating system is installed and resides on the computer’s hard disk. On handheld computers and many mobile devices, the operating system may reside on a ROM chip.

How to Download Instagram for Windows?

A stand-alone operating system is a complete operating system that works on a desktop computer, notebook computer, or mobile computing device. Some stand-alone operating systems are called client operating systems because they also work in conjunction with a server operating system. Client operating systems can operate with or without a network.

Other standalone operating systems include networking capabilities, allowing the home and small business user to set up a small network. Examples of currently used stand-alone operating systems are Windows 7, Mac OS X, UNIX, and Linux. Microsoft continually has updated its Windows operating system, incorporating innovative features and functions with each new version.

Windows 7 is Microsoft’s fastest, most efficient operating system to date, offering quicker program startup, built-in diagnostics, automatic recovery, improved security, enhanced searching and organizing capabilities, and an easy-to-use interface.

Most users choose one of these Windows 7 editions: Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Ultimate, or Windows 7 Professional.  Windows 7 Starter, designed for netbooks and other small notebook computers, uses the Windows 7 Basic interface and allows users easily to search for files, connect to printers and devices, browse the Internet, join home networks, and connect to wireless networks. This edition of Windows typically is preinstalled on new computers and not available for purchase in retail stores. How to Download Instagram for Windows?

Windows 7 Home Premium, which includes all the capabilities of Windows 7 Starter, also includes Windows Aero with its Aero Flip 3D feature and provides tools to create and edit high-definition movies, record and watch television shows, connect to a game console, and read from and write on Blu-ray Discs.

Windows 7 Ultimate, which includes all features of Windows 7 Home Premium, provides additional features designed to keep your files secure and support for 35 languages.

How to Download Instagram for Windows?

With Windows 7 Professional, users in all sizes of businesses are provided a secure operating environment that uses Windows Aero where they easily can search for files, protect their computers from unauthorized intruders and unwanted programs, use improved backup technologies, securely connect to Wi-Fi networks, quickly view messages on a powered-off, specially equipped notebook computer, easily share documents and collaborate with other users, and watch and record live television.

Windows 7 adapts to the hardware configuration on which it is installed. Thus, two users with the same edition of Windows 7 may experience different functionality and interfaces. How to Download Instagram for Windows?

Thus, Microsoft has found all ways that are available for reaching the customers using the tool Customization. It wanted all its customers to have the new technology available irrespective of the Operating system they are using. How to Download Instagram for Windows?

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