How to Download Instagram for Windows Desktop PC?

Download Instagram for Windows, This Blend of words is now being the savior of beautiful moments. This Linguistic Blend is now spreading happiness. This word art (Portmanteau) is now sharing your memories to be around all alive all days.

Do you want to join the community of One billion people who are active in Instagram?

  • Do you want a platform where you can capture your lovely moments as photos or videos and make this entire world accept you with their welcoming likes and comments?
  • Do you want to know about your family and friends and where they are up to?
  • Do you want to follow people with a unique worldly perspective?


Download Instagram for Windows
Download Instagram for Windows


Instagram is waiting with all that you need!!! It also has more than you need. You can do something that you have never ever expected. It has great features that would you speechless. Let’s see those mind-blowing features of Instagram which are as under,

Download Instagram for Windows  – Ever thought of having videos in your profile grid? You are guessing right!

  • Instagram allows you have either pictures or videos in your profile.

Not stopping with that,

  • it has a wide range of filters and creative tools to edit your pictures and has the facility to add multiple clips in one video.

Will you agree if I tell you that Instagram knows more about you than yourself? Let us speak honestly. Will we have just one story in our one day of life? and find Instagram for Windows 7 Category 

  • Instagram has a feature that allows you to share multiple photos and videos. (As many as you want)Moreover, you can edit these too with drawing and text tools.

But is that really okay if a number of stories being clogged? I told you before Instagram knows you more than you.

  • Your story will disappear after 24 hours and it would for another story to be uploaded. It doesn’t appear on your profile grid or in your feed.

Till now only one side features are being explained. What about others in this most populated community? This app doesn’t tell you always to express but also to seek, observe, learn and contribute. Yes!

  • You can watch the stories of other people you follow in the bar at the top of your feed.

In fact, a picture can explain wisely that is something words can never do. When you look for photos on Instagram you discover not only pictures but joys, a message to life, morals, perspectives and much more.



And videos are extremely joyous.

  • Explore tab will help you to follow people you like whom you reached with their wonderful photos and videos.
  • Instagram Direct helps you to send private messages, photo, videos, and posts directly to your friends.
  • What is very cool about Instagram is that it will never restrict you to be within itself. You can share anything that is on Instagram to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Till now we saw what all can an Instagram give to us. There are ways to make them better. Just think of all these features when handy and very comfortable to use.

How to Download Instagram for Windows Desktop PC?

How can this happen? Let us see it step by step.

  • Firstly, download Instagram from the official website.
  • Install it and create your account.
  • Download an Android Emulator.

(There are lots of emulators that can help your PC to have additional features that can support all that you want. The most famous and Android Emulator that is known for its simplicity is Bluestacks. Download it. It will allow you to run all android mobile applications to your desktop computer or laptop.)

  • Launching your Bluestacks and Installing your Instagram will allow you to connect to your profile. Now, it’s full of enjoyment through the Windows.

What is the latest version in Windows?

It is the Windows 10. If your question is, “Can I have Instagram on Windows 10?”My answer is of course, “yes”. Nothing is complicated in having Instagram on Windows 10. Yet you should have the following system requirements.



The below mentioned is the minimum requirements that your PC should possess to have Download Instagram for Windows Desktop PC?

  • Operating System (OS) – Windows 10
  • Architecture – ARM, x86

(It is processor architecture. And Arm is in the first position and it is quite popular.)

  • The ARM is used widely because of its RISC.
  • What is RISC – It is Reduced Instruction Set Computing.

Download Instagram for Windows  – (What does this do? The instructions of the RISC is very small and simplified. Under RISC one instruction translates into one operation but in others when one instruction is given it has to be translated by the CPU into three or more instructions to perform the action)

  • To be very precise and clear, RISC is a better instruction decoder.
  • The ARM is the only power efficient processor till now.
  • The next generation of the ARM is ARM ISA.

ARMv8-A and AArch 64 – The very name tells that one is for 32-bit code and the other one is for 64-bit code. Something that is really amazing about ARM for 64 bit is, it is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit and Find category – Download Instagram for PC

Thus ARM is known for 3Hs.

  • Highest efficiency
  • Highest performance
  • Heterogeneous Compute
  • The memory of 2GB would be very much sufficient.

Thus, to sum it up to OS – Windows 10, Processor architecture – ARM,x86  and memory of 2 GB is all that you need for the installation of Instagram on Windows 10. Many can stick to minimum requirements, but most of them would wish to have the best experience as they love Instagram and they are in need of the very handy and comfortable use. Below are the recommended requirements to have Instagram on your Desktop,

  • OS – Windows 10
  • Architecture – ARM,x86
  • Memory – Not specified.

Download Instagram for Windows  – Surprised to see the same? What I clearly wish to tell is there is no better version of it. The existing is the best. What does this app need from your side, It needs you

  • Location
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Internet connection
  • Contacts
  • Picture library
  • Video library

Let us now go ahead to install Window apps without a Microsoft account.

Below is the Algorithm to make you simply understand how to install Windows app without a local account.

  • Look for the START menu
  • Give a RIGHT click
  • That will display POWER USER options
  • Select the RUN command
  • Type “regedit”
  • Click on to ENTER
  • This will open Registry Editor.



It continues-

  • Look for EDIT menu and click on it.
  • Then New> DWORD (32 bit) Value.
  • Rename the new key as MS optional.
  • Set the MS optional as 1 which will make your Microsoft account optional.
  • Now, go ahead and close the Registry editor and restart your computer.
  • Soon after the computer loads, open your windows store and search for the desired app.
  • Never mind the sign-up procedure.
  • Just skip and proceed.

All this time we were discussing how to install Instagram and make your desktop worthy for it. It included “how to install Instagram for Windows desktop, then how to have Instagram for the all-new Windows 10 and then how to use windows app without a Microsoft account. But do you think it is enough for a wonderful experience that you all want? To make it even better, below are the simple steps to be followed.

You have to accept the fact that Instagram is a mobile app and through a lot of compatible compromises, technologists have and are finding ways to make it customized to all the end users. To better work the app on your desktop, with all the same that you can do with your mobile, let us check out some simple steps. All desktop land Instagram lovers will have this question. “Will I be able to Instagram through desktop? The answer is simply YES.

How to Download Instagram for Windows Desktop PC? using Instagram Graph API

  • The new features of it will allow,
  • Businesses to post schedules
  • View other business profiles
  • And get to know in what they have been tagged it.

The above facility is limited to business profiles and only when you use at least one of their Facebook Marketing Partners or Instagram Partners. With no further delay, let us know some of the Partners.

  • Tailwind,
  • Hootsuite
  • Iconosquare

When you post something from your system, you will get reminders to your phone. Initially, you had to manually the post inside Instagram. You can have a question. Is that not violating the Terms and Conditions of Instagram. Yes, it is. It is relaxed for you. The same method can be used for non- business Instagram accounts.

But now, all Partners Tailwind, Hootsuite, and Iconosquare don’t want you to manually post on Instagram. Just schedule it and your work will be done by it automatically. But remember, you can never post non- approved services. It is never a good idea to do that. It may pave the way to get your account closed.

Please do not forget not to use Non-partner tools.

How to post on Instagram from Desktop with scheduling: 

  1. Schedulers – arranges your posts and publishes automatically.
  2. Schedulers – arranges your posts and sends the remainder to your phone.
  3. Schedulers – arranges your posts and make it in the Instagram through mobiles devices or emulators.
  4. Emulators – posts right from your desktop.



You can go with the first one without any hesitation as they from the approved partners. The second one is also good. You know why. It is on your phone. So what would be the problem? It is nothing. The third one, if you find approved partners then go ahead. The fourth one is totally fine as they make your PC function for you using emulators with all that you want. Their tools were made available as there was a need for all these tools. The community grew and started expecting from Instagram.

  • These tools helped stabilization of brand
  • It also helped photo lovers to have posts of their photographs from the DSLR.
  • To have a wide range of editing tools in your desktop itself as you do from the phone.

We’ll see who is best among the Approved Partner?

It is Tailwind. I can say it is so smart than us that it always goes with the best. You can find by yourself by going through below.

  • It can schedule like a pro.
  • Photos are automatically published and it captions by itself.
  • Do not worry about the number of photos that you have. Let it go and post it. Bulk upload is never a problem.
  • This is the coolest use of Instagram on Windows Desktop, it will allow you to manage up to 5 accounts simultaneously. Just a click on add account will do the needful.
  • It can find Hashtag Finder as fast as no other partner can do.

You are aware of the fact that Instagram is a child when we talk about its exposure to Desktop. Until now, we cannot upload our photos and never the videos from the Desktop. Photographer and Programmer named Felix Sun have come up with an app called WINDOWED that allows you to upload images to the Instagram straight from the desktop. The creator is a Computer engineering student and he made his mind to do it that would help him personally and then he realized that many had the same wish to upload photos straight from the desktop and it is done now.

Download Instagram for Windows  – Good news is that this application is absolutely free. Whatever your Desktop is PC or MAC, you can upload your images straightly to your most loved Instagram. It should definitely sound as the boon to the photographers.

How to Download Instagram for Windows Desktop PC?

Download Instagram for Windows Desktop
Download Instagram for Windows

How does this work?

Windowed – as the very name suggests it helps to access the Instagram mobile website. It implies that it gives all that you can do with your mobile and Instagram. Enjoy better picture and videos which translates exactly as wonderful moments and memories

How to Download Instagram for Windows Desktop PC?

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