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Get Instagram for Desktop PC!, Instagram is an app created to spread your thought of mind by images or videos. Spread to the world in form of Instagram stories, Instagram posts, Direct Messages and it very to follow someone as a public figure as what they are doing on a day to life. Yes! of course, many are interested to know about other on a day to day life activity and it is interesting when you share something over the wall and you get likes and comment for it.

Get Instagram for Desktop PC Download
Get Instagram for Desktop PC Download

It is a similar app as Facebook and Twitter to post your thoughts with no restriction. Many are making a business out of it, if through a model or profile with high followers, Do you wonder how they make money on Instagram? they get to post your products or review your products put them as stories/posts or a video and they get a claim for it. Claim depends on Follower count and public personality as it vice-versa. In next i shall share how they do it with an example.

Here, in this post, I shall guide you in a way that you can get instagram for your desktop on whatever version maybe you have (Windows Xp, Windwos Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1) Windows 10 has different download function it is covered in this post. How to get Instagram for Windows 10 either all downloading function are same. If you fall between Windows Xp to Windows 8.1 the steps are same.

There are a lot of methods to download Instagram to desktop, here i cover very easy way to get hands-on with Instagram to your desktop.

How to Get Instagram for Desktop PC?

Firstly, find the URL of Instagram App and keep on a notepad. (Instagram mobile app from google play store) if you want to find go to Instagram where you can see ios app link, Android app link, and Windows app link. Go for Android app link and it might be this  (applied google url shorter).


Secondly, Download Bluestack software (source: Bluestack software) install it on your desktop and make it active by proving your google account details. So it gets synced with google play store and other connections. Once this is done, you are in a halfway done with getting Instagram for a desktop.

Once the Bluestack installation is done, launch a browser and paste the URL which you have copy pasted in your notepad. You will get the Instagram Google Play store app page. Install it under blue stack, follow the steps and in a while Instagram will be installed in your blue stack software and shortcut icon will be also placed in your Bluestack dashboard.

Thirdly, After the Instagram installation login with your old credentials and its all the way in your hand. Instagram is now in your desktop with the help of Bluestack.

Steps to Get Instagram for Desktop PC

Bluestack is an application where it runs as an alternative for your android under windows (they will be called Android emulator technically). You can access any of the android apps under bluestack application. Only one way cannot be possible is making a call apart from this all the way to access the full android package under the roof Windows.

I hope the question of how to download Instagram for desktop pc? has been resolved here with an easy way out within three steps. Get Instagram for Desktop PC

I hope you like this solution, which i shared, spread the word to your friends by sharing it in your blog or social media profiles.

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