How to Download Instagram for Windows 7 Desktop PC?

How to Download Instagram for Windows 7 Desktop PC?, earlier we have discussed a lot of ideas on how to download Instagram for the desktop.   Here based on the keyword suggestion by Google trends and search console with more CTR planning to write a post for the most searched Keyword “Instagram for Windows 7 Desktop PC”. Getting Instagram for Windows 7 Desktop is very easy to download and setup.

Instagram for Windows 7 | Instagram for PC Windows 7 | Instagram for Windows

There are one or more methods available to access Instagram either web version or an entire version with app downloads.

Instagram for Windows 7 | Instagram for PC Windows 7 | Instagram for Windows

Web version of Instagram for Windows 7 :

In web Version Instagram for Instagram for Windows 7 Desktop PC . You can see stories of your friends and timeline updated in your wall. You cannot accept your followers, You cannot see notifications, you cannot see messages and reply to it.  The Main Benefit of the web version is access to timeline photos, notification, and updates and stories of your friends. The changing of the password is made really possible in Web version by a single click into settings tab.

The entire version of Instagram for Windows 7 :

This Verison covers the Downloadable version of Instagram to your Windows 7.

Method 1: Download Bluestack  it is an android emulator help you to perform a task and run Android inside your desktop.  It is very easy to use and yet effective to bring Instagram inside your desktop and upload, comment, message it whatever you want inside the Instagram platform. This is just an extra software you need to install to have Instagram into your Windows 7 desktop. Download and install the Bluestack application here.  Once done with Installation, launch the app with a sign in with your own Google account or sign up with the new one. To make Bluestack activated – once all the registration is done open play store and download Instagram into your Bluestack application. Follow this method to Download Instagram for Windows 7

Instagram on desktop download

Login with Facebook or with your Instagram credentials – wow! now you can access the entire Instagram like a smartphone Instagram app.

Method 2: There are many alternatives for Bluestock namely MemuplayerGenymotion, Andy, Youwave download any one of them mentioned above if you have any problem with installing Bluestock to your computer or computer configuration is less. After installation, the process is same – login with google account or sign up with a google account to get access with android inside your computer – where you can install Instagram to your windows 7 desktop. This method guides you how to get Instagram for Windows 7

Final Method get Instagram for Windows 7 Desktop PC

Method 3: Open Instagram inside your chrome browser and click “Ctrl + Shif + I” to open inspect elements or right click your mouse on open space and choose to inspect element.

The whole Instagram will become responsive and choose the mobile options from the top. Where the screen will get changed and Instagram platform will become responsive based on mobile or Tab you choose and now the Instagram will become as you use on a smartphone. Right from uploading photos to messaging your friends. This is the final method where you know how to get Instagram for Windows 7 for your desktop PC.

These methods will defiantly help on below-mentioned cases – No need to be panic when you come across this instance, Just follow methods 1 or 2 as mentioned above to replace your password and protect your account. While you are travelling if you lost your mobile? and this methods will be effective to change your password in a fraction of seconds and make your account safe.

Instagram for Windows 7

Instagram  App for Windows 7 Desktop


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