How to Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop PC?

Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop, I have shared various methods to Download Instagram for Windows Desktop on my earlier blog posts. Here I am going to share a very simple content. With the help of this you can download Instagram for a most commonly used Operating system – Windows XP. Still many are using this Operating System. Many versions of Windows operating systems were released after Windows XP. But many prefer working on the same operating system.

Well, here I’m very selfless to share Instagram download trick for Windows XP Desktop. Why you want to Download Instagram for Windows xp desktop?  Because, Instagram is meant only for smart phone based and upload pictures directly from your Smart phone. This post is trying guide you to use Instagram within your desktop without using your smartphone.

Instagram for Windows XP Desktop
Instagram for Windows XP Desktop

Unfortunately, if you have lost your smartphone but still you want to access your Instagram profile and post photos, this would be a great way. It is possible to publish photos and watch others story lines inside your windows screen – if you download Instagram for desktop. You can access to your account from windows and to change your password and update to your Instagram profile with a message as you have lost your mobile and ignore any message from the number.

So it is a good way to have to a Instagram to your desktop ( Download Instagram for your Windows XP Desktop )

Usefulness of having Instagram on Desktop: 

It is very easy to maintain account and avoid using Smartphone as always on hand and spending with time it, if you have Instagram on desktop it will save your time on spending much on internet and focus on job and it ahve cluster all the social media in one browser if you bookmark it. Because Only instgram is smartphone based social media and there are lots of restrictions for using it.

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Have bookmarks of all your social media in one browser so it is very easy to maintain the update and reducing the smart phone usage on hand and focus more on job and there is small disadvantage on having social media on your smart phone. If you have lost your mobile or if it is stolen by someone – and if you dont have any password restriction to unlock your mobile – there is a chance of misbehave for the mobile  – the theif has the full control to access all your photos and social media accounts, still you chance the block the number to replace the password so avoid having social media accounts to your phone and start using them on desktop, here in this post i will mostly cover “How to Download Instagram for Windows Desktop”

How to Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop?

  1. Web instagram: Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop

Using Web instagram – this method widely used by all Instagram users, Just launch and signin with your login credentials you have, you can access all your friends stories, timeline photo’s where you can like it, share it, comment it as you do on Smartphone and as well you can see your stories and rply to them.

The process which cannot be done on web is – Uploading posts, watching IGTC videos and sending messages and these process we have a solution to download instagram for your desktop with third party integration.

2. Using Android Emulator – Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop

There any many Android Emulator like Bluestack, Youwave, Android SDK Emulator, Jar for Beans Emulator , download this 3rd party software, install and launch it – so you can use android into your windows desktop. This is a third party to run android to your desktop – usually android cannot run inside desktop but these tools will you to get many android apps into your windows screen i will strongly recommend to use bluestack for this method.

Download Bluestack and install it to your computer to Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop. Not much configuration is  required to install bluestack the basic configuration 2 GB ram, 250 GB HDD, Inter core 2 duo or dual core process is much enough to install Bluestack, after installation – you could see Bluestack will ask for Your google Login credentials to activate it. Login with your google credentials and start accessing your Android emulator, go to Play store and download Instagram application and save it under android virtual machine.

Now you have Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop. If you want to access instagram need to launch Bluestack application – inside you will find Instagram launch it and it will ask for Instagram login credentials to access your existing account. Once you give this you are done, now you could access your Instagram account easily inside your desktop with all the features integrated as you see on your smartphone.

Now this Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop will act as a smartphone enabled instagram same to same as you see on smartphone, you can like it, comment it, share it, message someone whom you like, create business pages, create stories, reply to your friends stories,  tagging someone on stories and make fun.

Hope, you are done with Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop,  you have trouble with Bluestack use it alternative as mentioned above try with different source and Download Instagram for Windows XP Desktop computer.


If you have lost your mobile are misplaced your mobile somewhere and you have installed and using Instagram  in your smart phone just open your instagram which is already installed inside your desktop launch and your change your password, so the thief cannot access your account and take photos you have posted already.  Better as said above – download instagram for desktop instead of having it in your smartphone.


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