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Instagram for Windows Desktop, Unlike Facebook, Twitter – Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload pictures from desktop PC and there is a restriction to upload pictures from desktop PC either you can engage with your audience like liking, commenting and messaging made possible with notifications.


There is a certain way to get Instagram for the desktop which has covered in the previous post. In a way, it makes sense that Instagram doesn’t want to upload a picture from the desktop as a professional way but all the methods have a loophole to access something when if regular work doesn’t work in a way. But the Instagram is designed in a way to share the instant photos and videos of your everyday life from the Instagram App.

This post is to get the hack on how to use (upload pictures and videos, like, comment, engage, direct messages, and access stories) Instagram from your desktop PC. Follow all the instructions to get Instagram for Windows Desktop fro free.


If you log in to Instagram you can access timeline photo’s, like, comments and to change settings from your profile. There is no way to access “upload images from your computer” or to watch Instagram stories until now on the Instagram website, hope they will come up with an update to access all these.


To upload Photo’s to Instagram from Desktop:

With a simple play, you no need to wait no longer to upload pictures to Instagram from Desktop without no App installed.

Instagram For Mac (Safari) users:

As a default, if you are using Safari as a default browser. This method is little play around to access Instagram from your safari mac. This method is little tricky but efficient to use it.

  1. Open Safari as your default browser Select preference and choose Advanced.
  2. Go to Develop in a Menu bar and choose user agent and go to safari iOS 10 – iPhone.
  3. This method makes to you use iPhone resolution and screen size inside Safari Browser.
  4. When your Instagram is logged in, this method will make you use it as mobile mode and upload pictures by clicking the camera icon.
  5. Web Instagram iPhone resolution under Safari browser.

With this play, you can avoid using mailing, texting, and Airdrop method to transfer pictures to Mobile to get upload it to Instagram. This method will teach you how to get Instagram for Windows Desktop and use the instagram from your desktop computer.

How to get Instagram for Windows Desktop
How to get Instagram for Windows Desktop

Instagram For Windows (Chrome) users:

If you are on Windows chrome this method is little easy when compared to the first method. Get accessing mobile mode Instagram for chrome users is easy when compared to Safari users.

  1. Open Instagram and login to it with your credentials.
  2. Right-click on anywhere on the screen
  3. Click inspect  (Ctrl + Shift + I)
  4. Choose the tablet icon on a top right corner and choose the phone model on top of the screen. From Galaxy S5 to iPad pro from the list or choose the preferred dimensions you want.  Note: For any dimensions, you choose camera icon will appear at the bottom.
  5. This method will make you to switch to mobile view which grant access the camera upload button.

This feature will not even allow you to access stories on Instagram. To get this feature done download Google Chrome Instagram extension


How to get Instagram for Windows Desktop - stories
How to get Instagram for Windows Desktop – stories

Ge the Instagram Extension here, from the next you log on Instagram from your chrome it get synced and the story appears in chrome as you click on it.  You will see all your friend’s story appeared on top never miss it and keep them updated.

I hope you like this post on  “Use Instagram on Any Computer Like You Would on a Smartphone” and do share with your friends. I hope you knows the solution get Instagram for Windows Desktop Computer.


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